Smart Cloud Management

Gain Knowledge, Cut Costs, Save Time.

Airnet is your guide to the cloud

Whether you are fully operating in a data center and never considered cloud, or fully deployed to a cloud environment and struggling managing your applications, Airnet is your solution.

Airnet has developed a custom tool: ASAT to calculate current costs, current infrastructure, end of life equipment, along with guidance on what to deploy to cloud environments and associated costs.

IT infrastructure solutions providers

Providing assurance in cloud management, optimization, tuning, monitoring, provisioning and troubleshooting of workloads after moving clouds. Airnet’s technical experts are ready 24x7x365 to provide day-to-day management of the customer’s cloud workloads. We do not lift, shift, and ditch.

A Tier III Compliant Responsive Data Center

Airnet’s Tier III data center provides the ideal hosting facility for any customer. Located in the Gig City heartland of Chattanooga TN our data center scales along with your hybrid deployment and is supported by seasoned 24/7 technical staff.

No onsite technicians,
No servers,
No computers.
The Best Price.

Airnet Group has been working with political call centers for over a decade now. Deploying hundreds of thousands of call centers, millions of minutes and collecting billions of data points. Contact us today for more information about our calling platform!

IT Environmental Assessment Tool

Airnet will guide you through the process, work with your team to design the best solution for your business and stay with you as long as you need us. Our IT Environmental Assessment Tool consists of these.

Step 1 : Assess
  • Provide an Assessment Tool that Inventories Customer's IT Environment
  • Provide Cost Estimates of Customer’s Existing Systems
  • Generate ROI and TCO Reports Comparing Azure to Customer's Current IT Environment
  • Provide Detailed Server/VM Status and Cloud Readiness Plan Including Time and Cost
  • Provide Proof of Concept Deployment on Request
Step 2 : Plan
  • Discovery
  • Recommend System Consolidation and Optimization
  • Determine Server Dependencies
  • Generate Deliverables
  • State Expected Results
Step 3 : Migration
  • Determine virtualization windows based on server dependencies
  • Execute Prerequisites for the Physical or Virtual Move
  • Provide Systematic Testing of Virtual Servers and Services
  • Implement Staged and Phased Deployments if Desired
  • Provide Full Onboarding: Setup Storage, Connectivity, VPNs, etc.
Step 4 : Optimize
  • Optimize the Customer’s Azure environment for maximum efficiency, TCO, and reduced VM counts
  • Provide Support for connecting complex environments
  • Ensure seamless integrations with new and pre-existing environments to keep critical functions running, while reducing manual processes and cost
Step 5 : Manage
  • No "LIFT, SHIFT & DITCH" We will stay with the customer as long as needed
  • We can provide management, optimization, tuning, monitoring, provisioning and troubleshooting of workloads after moving to the cloud
“From their “client-first” sales approach to their on-site midnight technical support, airnet has gone above & beyond the role of a “normal” Data Center shop. Instead, they have become a long-term partner that we consider key to the future growth and success of our company.”
“In the past, our Call Centers have required fundamental re-configurations - ASAP. And, the Airnet Call Center team has consistently responded with day-of, or next-day solutions that have enabled us to do business faster & smoother than ever before.”
“From site hosting and web engineering design, server colocation, bandwidth resources, SIP provided for large call center projects disbursed nationally at regional offices, to database engineering and consulting services… Airnet has been an all-encompassing intelligent technology provider and knowledge resource for the RNC.”

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